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The Naractiv Community is characterised by a dedication to creative approaches combined with professional experience and a passion for positive, meaningful, social change.

Naractiv Community members combine a unique set of skills that draw upon a wide range of artistic practices - theatre, literature, music and dance, film and journalism. We use these creative practices to develop projects that address real-world challenges. Spread through countries in the Asia-Pacific, Europe and Americas, our network of consultants has experience of working in corporate, community, NGO and government sectors.

Focused on matching the right skills and people to each project, Naractiv Community is a way to develop innovative and multi-disciplinary projects. The flexibility and diversity of the community allows Naractiv to curate each project to suit the needs of each client, drawing together the most appropriate team and working with the strengths of each member.

Read more below about Naractiv Community members.


The Community

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Dr Matt Yoxall

Theatre-maker, academic, training and development consultant.


Claire Rosslyn Wilson

Poet, editor and researcher.



How do I get involved with the Naractiv Community?

Contact us here [link to contact page] if you are interested in getting involved in the Naractiv Community. Tell us a bit about your experience, what your career story is and why you’d like to be involved.

What benefits are there in the Naractiv Community?

You will have the potential to collaborate on diverse projects, get to know and work with other creatives from across the world. The community meets once a quarter, fostering creative professional exchanges and shapes the direction of the community. You will also receive and be able to contribute to a quarterly newsletter of community news, perspectives on practice, and hands-on resources. Community members can focus on their own strengths while getting support on more complex projects.

Do I have to pay to get involved with the Naractiv Community?

You don’t have to pay to join, but it is a close-knit group of creative professionals who contribute to the development of the community. This means there is a certain amount of commitment to the growth of the community too. Also, it is not guaranteed that all community members will be involved in regular projects with Naractiv; this depends on the flow of clients, types of project running, and the specific needs of each project.


How do I get in touch with one of the Naractiv Community members?

You can contact Naractiv here [link to contact page] if you are interested in working with a community member. Naractiv designs projects and programmes based on the needs of each client and brings together the best community members for each project. Get in touch and let us know who you want to work with and what kind of project you have in mind, and we’ll get the conversation started.

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