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It's about building relationships and working together. About story and action.

Who We Are

Naractiv is a verb.

It’s about story and action. About building relationships and working together.


We ask the question, ‘What’s the story?’ because we know how important narrative is in creating meaning in our lives, and also how it influences people’s attitudes and perspectives towards others. We want to work with and challenge those perceptions at times, bringing together diverse stories, perspectives, beliefs, and values.

With our unique background in theatrical and arts-based practice, and a history of working with international organisations and in the corporate sector, Naractiv enables you to claim and communicate the deep narratives and stories that explain who you are, and articulate the direction you're headed as a group or as an individual.

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What's Our Story

Founder Dr Matt Yoxall has spent more than 25 years developing training projects that bring together theatre practice and the not-for-profit sector in the UK and Southeast Asia. Much of this work has dealt significantly with issues surrounding forced migration. He has since applied these approaches to his work in public health, conflict resolution, and corporate leadership training across the Asia-Pacific.

This experience has brought together creative approaches to address real-world problems. Dr Matt now situates that experience at Naractiv, with a team of creative consultants he has worked with along the way.

How We Work

Our approach to learning and coaching is hands-on and driven by the principles of participation. Our training and development projects are based on promoting participation through:

  • Working together as a group

  • Developing trust

  • Building confidence

  • Communicating and sharing ideas

We do not shy away from the big issues, rather we work with them, as part of a recognised reality. However, our research and conflict sensitive based approach, supports the way we engage with some of the biggest problems of our time.

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Organising Principles

Naractiv's company organising principle is based on understanding the narratives that are central to, or circulate most closely to our everyday lives. These may be spoken narratives, but they are also connected to how space is organised, images that surround us, and how bias can affect decision-making – to be inclusive and/or exclusive. This sensitivity and focus on inclusion is something under which our company was born, and is a core part of what we aim to do and promote.

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