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Our Projects

Our consultants come from a creative mix of arts and complimentary fields.

With a unique background in theatrical practice, and a history of working with international organisations and in the corporate sector, Naractiv enables you to claim and communicate the deep narratives and stories that explain who you are, and articulate the direction you're headed. We use our skills to provide you with the expressive tools that you need to grow as an individual, team, community, and as a leader.

Some recent examples of our work include:

Joined hands_Pacific.jpg
Pacific health leadership

Development and delivery of a leadership program for health specialists in the South Pacific Community, in collaboration with the National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health at the Australian National University (ANU). This project is currently underway, with Naractiv co-facilitating training in Fiji in November (2022).

Participants in a personal development course
Drama and community engagement in Northern Myanmar

The Norwegian Refugee Council commissioned the Drama and Community Engagement – DACE training program for their Information, Counseling and Legal Assistance project staff, working in Northern Myanmar. The aim was to build the capability of three regional teams to deliver more engaging, relevant, and participatory workshop, training and information related events.

More than 20 staff operating in three major different field sites were trained. The project was successfully delivered through online and face-to-face mediums and included a DACE Handbook, personalised to the teams involved. New information sessions and conflict dispute resolution training were created and delivered in the community, accompanied by in situ follow-up coaching and support from Naractiv

The DACE Program is a tried and tested model. Contact us if you would like to know more.

Naractiv Handbook Cover
Two women meeting at an office
Conflict resolution in Australia and beyond

Naractiv has recently been running nationally accredited Mediation Training in partnership with Conflict Resolution Services, Canberra. Again, this has been delivered online and face-to-face. Naractiv has focused on developing skills with new mediators, using a theatrical approach. This also featured working with the Ombudsman Republik of Indonesia, on their use of mediation across the country. Naractiv offers a variety of approaches to conflict resolution, based on developing communication skills and self-confidence to manage conflict more effectively.

Senate Select Committee on Autism
Making the KINECT Program

Naractiv was part of creating the KINECT Program with Krofne Donuts for a recruitment and training initiative supporting neurodiverse people to access employment, with specialised training for employers. The process included giving evidence to the Senate Select Committee on Autism in the Australian Parliament. This project is a solid example of Naractiv's consultative and research-based approach to diversity, equity and inclusion. At Naractiv we believe inclusion is a ‘collective competency’ – best done through working together, better.

Woman talking at conference
Promoting safer migration with the Chin Human Rights Organization

The Chin Human Rights Organization (CHRO) has long advocated for the often-marginalized groups of people who make up the broader Chin community in Western Myanmar. With limited infrastructure and economic opportunity, almost half of Chin State’s residents migrate for work, either interstate or overseas. People’s ability to migrate more safely is a key concern, especially for young Chin women migrants. Naractiv joined the CHRO for this major project to promote safer migration.

After having successfully brought home a significant funding bid, this collaboration resulted in the five-year CHRO Safer Migration Theatre Project. Naractiv joined forces with Thukhuma Khayeethe (Arts Traveller Theatre) in Yangon in training three new teams of young actors were trained in a research-based approach to performance making and participatory theatre for the Chin community. Through the course of the project and three separate tours, 166 performance events took place, reaching close to 30,000 audience members. A major report was commissioned and completed in December 2021.

Leadership and communication training in public health

Having a broad range of technical skills and expertise do not necessarily translate to us having the leadership capabilities our work often also asks of us. Working with a diverse group of internationally experienced epidemiologists who teach the Master of Applied Epidemiology course at the ANU, these practical workshops explored how effective communication, clear narratives, and positive impact are key to outbreak and emergency response work, and training new field ready applied epidemiologists.

Corporate Training Projects.jpg
Theatre-based corporate training

Actin, Naractiv’s sister company in Singapore, is led by award winning actor, director and playwright Stephanie Street, and Naractiv’s Founder Dr Matt Yoxall. Actin uses a theatre-based approach to corporate leadership and communication training and has major clients in the APAC region. Contact us for more information and an introduction to this work in the business environment.

Naractiv Community

Our carefully selected team of creative professionals have experience working in the corporate, community, NGO and government sectors, using creative practice to develop solutions that address real-world challenges. We are growing the Naractiv Community and looking forward to hearing from people who are interested in joining our exciting and experienced pool of consultants.

Come, Share Your Story

And be part of ours.

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